Milan | Wednesday 28 October to Friday 6 November 2015


ACCREDIA is the host of the IAF ILAC 2015 Annual Meetings.

ACCREDIA is the Italian Accreditation Body designated by the State to undertake accreditation activities of certification, verification and inspection bodies and of testing and calibration laboratories.

accrediaACCREDIA operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development which is the National Authority with regard to accreditation activities.

ACCREDIA assesses the competence, impartiality and independence of conformity assessment operators (bodies and laboratories) against both obligatory and voluntary standards in order to ensure the reliability of testing, calibration and inspection reports, and also of product, personnel and management system certification with regard to quality, environment, energy, occupational health and safety, information technology, information security, food safety, etc.

ACCREDIA operates in both the voluntary and mandatory sectors in accordance with Regulations and EU Directives, for which the accreditation of operators (bodies and laboratories) is a requirement for the issue of authorizations and notifications by the competent Authorities.

Accreditation is a service carried out in the public interest with the aim of contributing to the improvement of competitiveness and the promotion of technical and economic progress, facilitating the free movement of goods, sustainable development, fair competition amongst market operators and transparency in relations between producers and consumers, as well as the improvement of products and of living and work environments. All actors – institutions, businesses and consumers are therefore a part of the system.

ACCREDIA is a member of the bodies of cooperation between national accreditation bodies at EU and at worldwide level (EA, IAF and ILAC) and is signatory to the International Agreements of Mutual Recognition whereby certificates issued under accreditation are fully recognized internationally.

ACCREDIA has 67 Members: these consist of scientific, technical, economic and social institutions which have interests in accreditation and certification activities, amongst which there are 9 Ministries, these being the Ministries of Economic Development, Environment, Defense, Infrastructure and Transport, Internal Affairs, Education, Labor, Agriculture and Health. Other entities involved are the Public Administrative Authorities, Research and Standardization bodies,  the main business associations and consumer associations.

3 Departments for accreditation: certification (of management systems, of products and persons) and inspection; testing laboratories and calibration laboratories.

1,571 accredited subjects: 291 certification and inspection bodies, 1,111 testing laboratories and 170 calibration laboratories.

88,000 companies and organizations certified under accreditation for management systems, more than 100,000 certified products and 145,000 certified professional persons; 5 million accredited laboratory tests, especially in the chemical and microbiological sectors.


Head Office and Testing Laboratories Department
Via Guglielmo Saliceto 7/9 – 00161 Rome

Department of Certification and Inspection Bodies
Via Tonale, 26 – 20125 Milano

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Department of Calibration Laboratories
Strada delle Cacce,73 – 10135 Turin


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